We are a creative business consultancy providing tailored solutions to enable the development of the art market in Africa.

Our mission

Creative work made in Africa has now moved into the global context. Since 2013, our role is to impulse and support the development of the emerging art market on the continent.

What we do…


We help businesses and institutions in delivering successful creative projects. Our offer includes one-to-one practice development consultancy for art professionals. We place our clients in the context of a fast changing creative industry and ensure a deep comprehension of their vision and their needs .


Development starts with people. Creative Intelligence impulses the growth of the art market by empowering its actors, by giving professionals the keys to develop their practices. Our African Creative Business Programme provides professional development for visual artists and all professional practitioners of the art world.

Curatorial Projects

Our curatorial team is led by established independent curator Salimata Diop. We bring our experience, our expertise, and a unique, innovative, global perspective to exhibition projects from conception to realisation. We fare delivering solutions that go beyond our client’s expectations.

Talks series

Our ‘State-of-the-Art Solutions’, Creative Intelligence Talk Series brings together international speakers from diverse professional backgrounds to address a range of topics and issues specifically relevant to the current market and the contemporary global context.


BLUES x Gorée Regards sur Cours

The yearly big artistic event is nearly there: Gorée is celebrating the 11th edition of the art festival Regards Sur Cours, with the theme: Water and the Elsewhere, Dream or Nightmare.
Creative Intelligence invites you to the exhibition BLUES at the Relais de l’Espadon. In the heart of the island, this historical building displays a unique architecture and is listed UNESCO World Heritage.


Our team have worked internationally with various institutions and partners including galleries, art fairs and art centres.